Innovative Solutions in Medical Research

Sumer aims to create innovative solutions in complex healthcare system through implementing information technologies and artificial intelligence in medical research.

In medical research, we have long experience and vast network that enable us to provide high quality services to our clients.

Sumer aims to develop innovative solutions that solve complex everyday-encountered problems in hospital platforms as well as in private clinics.

We can developer solutions tailored to the clinical challenges. Solutions that permit the optimal use of available resources in clinical practice.

We are conducting many projects with OpenSourceResearch collaboration, an international research organisation and other partners with expertise in information technologies and artificial intelligence.

AI to detecting post-operative complications using CT scans

Big data mining to investigate chronic pain of unknown origin

Computer simulation models of pre-operative optimization

Searching text in electronic health records

The name Sumer is derived from the name of the first human civilization in which the invention of writings, wheel, the division of time and geometry to 60 measurement and much more inventions took place.