Sumer is a software developing company with special focus on tourism and medical solutions. The mission of Sumer in the tourism industry is to make tourism easy and enjoyable. With a wide range of products, Sumer will help to bridge people and cultures using the cutting-edge technologies in web design and app development.

The internet of things has revolutionized our thinking about the world and our interaction with other people. However, tourism is still struggling to survive in many places in the world where infrastructures are under-developed. Software solutions can certainly contribute to the development of tourism in these places and consequently improving people’s life and income. The building of well-developed infrastructures might follow.

In medical software, Sumer will use the expertise of its founder in medicine to develop software products that solve complex everyday-encountered problems in hospital platforms as well as in private clinics. Having an insider knowledge acquired during more than 20 years’ work in different countries, Sumer can lead the developers to tailored solutions that permit the optimal use of available resources in clinical practice.

Sumer was founded on the 17th January 2017. The name Sumer is derived from the name of the first human civilization in which the invention of writings, the wheel, the division of time and geometry to 60 measurement and much more inventions took place. It lies in southern Iraq.