• Medical research

    We have a long experience in medical research that we would be happy to share with other institutes, centers and researchers all over the world. We can offer help at different stages of research from ideas, design, methodology, analysis, reporting and research promotion. Our vast network of researchers and medical institutes provides plenty of opportunities to collaborate in research production and promotion. We would like to help institutes to build their research facilities. We work with innovation research and implementation of information technologies in medical research.

  • Medical software

    To design applicable medical software, an interaction between IT software engineers and clinicians or health care personel is mandatory. This intercation will need a common language that both parties understand very well. We speak both languages fluently and can offer an interface for interaction between software engineers and healthcare providers, clinicians and medical researchers.

  • Training

    We offer courses, workshops, webinars and boot camps to train researchers and other groups interested in medical research. We know from experience that successful training requires dedicated trainers and facilitators, good program and interaction. Therefore, we design dynamic, interactive training sessions. Our bootcamps work as incubators for innovative ideas in medical research.

  • Match making

    We help in match-making researchers, biostatisticians, medical students, librarians and other professional groups involved in research. This match-making can be between individuals but it can also be between individuals and medical industry or academic centers.