Sumer Software Solutions

  • Why we need Sumer?

    The health sector generates trillions of gigabytes of data every day; data that originates from health care applications, experiments in medical sciences, clinical trials in addition to already existing data registries. Given this vast amount of data, the question is why data use is limited and how do we begin to utilise it? One of the answers is that too few people are capable of mining data for insights or putting the results to good use. We want to connect those people and replicate their expertise in interpretation of data. Effective data use, reuse, sharing and mining needs expertise and specific type of collaboration. Multi-disciplinary teams composed of experts in healthcare, information technology, data management and administration are crucial.

  • How we work?

    We work in multidisciplinary teams to close the gap between the rapidly evolving information technology sector and the slowly moving healthcare sector. Artificial intelligence is a good example to cite. It is a task that requires experts who can combine knowledge of both AI and healthcare. We who we are!

  • Do you like to join our team?

    We are keen to collaborate with scientists from different disciplines, although our focus is the healthcare sector.